Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm terrible at this...

So - you would think I would be better able to keep up with a blog now, without an infant at home, but that doesn't seem to be the case. We have been keeping busy with projects around the house, some baby related, some -- well, lets just say Travis' "honey-do" list for himself better be wrapped up soon because Mommy's got a "Daddy-do" list that just keeps getting longer. We've also been trying to spend some time with friends and family so when junior arrives we can devote ourselves to him. It won't be long now. Less than three weeks in fact.

Yesterday marked the 36th week for us and it was celebrated with an evening of sitting around and finishing up the playpen. Somehow, without the directions (who prints this stuff on the bottom of the playpen pad???) we managed to get the whole thing together, now we just cross our fingers and hope the thing doesn't collapse. Personally I was wiped out from having the cerclage removed and the flurry of cleaning I did on Monday night, just in case the removal led to labor. It didn't. Looks like the baby is in this for the long haul - good news, but Mom is exhausted!!!

On September 12th we did our 2nd Hope and Hearts Run with most of the family and even some friends. This event honors Olivia and Julia. It isn't an easy thing to see so many families affected by infant and fetal loss, but it's heart-warming to know that people still care and want to help raise money to help other families. The event ended with a reading, reading of the names and a balloon release. My heart still yearns for my sweet baby girls, but I know that they have been watching over their baby brother and someday he'll know all about his angel sisters and how they sent him to us to help heal our hearts. We are blessed and comforted by having had all three of them in our lives and trust in God's plan for us.

On September 13th, my sisters and friends, Helen and Lisa threw a tailgating themed baby shower. It was a little overwhelming between the number of people (30+) and the temperature, but we survived and were left wondering if we needed to consider showering more often. I'm thinking that there was a change to the theme and it became a literal "shower" theme given all the wonderful bath towels and washcloths we received. No fear. We'll be sure and keep our baby clean and warm with the utmost gratitude for everyone's thoughtfulness.

So, as we look to these last few weeks of preparing for baby, we are also watching the leaves fall from the trees and know that the season is changing once again and with it, our lives. I will do my best to update everyone as soon as "Baby Bean/Weitgenant/Junior" arrives. Until then - God bless.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I guess we've been withholding a bit, or maybe just enjoying what little spare time we have and forgetting that we haven't shared our news. There is a new resident at the Weitgenant's, more specifically in Andrea's uterus. In October we are expecting Weitgenant baby #3, aka "Baby Bean."

Yesterday was a big day because Andrea went in for a cerclage. This procedure just makes sure that the cervix stays nice and tight until the doctor's, or Baby Bean says that it's time for the Baby to arrive. After a few hours in recovery Andrea was released to Travis for safe keeping and babysitting. We are on to modified bed rest for a few days and with good behavior, Andrea should be back to work by Monday or Tuesday, or whenever Travis gets sick of playing nurse-maid.

We'll try and keep you updated on the progress of Baby Bean, but don't expect any major announcents because gender is the least of our concerns and we are happy to wait until October to find out the sex.

That's our news for now.

Happy Spring,
Travis & Andrea

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Okay - maybe I need to update this more often...

I didn't mean to set up a blog and then just forget about it. Maybe I need a little help. The day I get Travis to participate, well...who knows. I'm not giving up yet. He did finally join facebook and has no complaints about that.

Facebook is actually very useful. I've tried working within the confines of, but there is no reason to pay good money to simply have the ability to see who checked your profile. I think I have somewhere close to 100 friends on Facebook. Not that everyone is the kind of friend that you keep in touch with, but none-the-less, it's great to catch up with people that have come in and out of your life.

Today I spent some time posting some pictures on Facebook. Many wonderful memories. I think I'll add some oldies but goodies here, too, because where we've been is a big part of who we are and will be in the future.

I hope these cold days haven't gotten you down. Travis has been enjoying the snowmobiling and I've just been plain busy with AtHome America (which is actually going well - I'm not disappointed).

Take care!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

AtHome America

As many of you know, I recently started my own business. It's been very rewarding and I'm actually enjoying myself. In fact, I had a meeting tonight in Young America. I was a little irritated about the long drive and really just wanted to go home, but once I got there...the food and the company were great! And I received a bunch of recognition for placing 3rd for our entire team, hitting my personal goals and reaching the AtHome goals. It felt great! Anyway, enough about that. What I really wanted to share was the tremendous deals that are currently available. You can check them out on my website: or view only the sale items at: .

Again, best wishes for the New Year!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!

We made it into the New Year! I can't remember the last time Travis and I actually went out and celebrated New Year's Eve. Probably 2000 when everyone thought the world was going to come to a screeching halt. Dinner and drinks with friends was fantastic. Staying up until 4:30 in the morning may have been a bit much, but what's wrong with enjoying yourself from time to time? We still managed to pry ourselves off the couch on New Years Day to spend a few hours careening down a hill on inner tubes in the afternoon. We had beautiful weather and it was a lot of fun. I posted some pictures.

We wish you and yours many blessings in the New Year and hope that life, although unpredictable, brings you more joys than sorrows.

Travis and Andrea