Friday, April 17, 2009


I guess we've been withholding a bit, or maybe just enjoying what little spare time we have and forgetting that we haven't shared our news. There is a new resident at the Weitgenant's, more specifically in Andrea's uterus. In October we are expecting Weitgenant baby #3, aka "Baby Bean."

Yesterday was a big day because Andrea went in for a cerclage. This procedure just makes sure that the cervix stays nice and tight until the doctor's, or Baby Bean says that it's time for the Baby to arrive. After a few hours in recovery Andrea was released to Travis for safe keeping and babysitting. We are on to modified bed rest for a few days and with good behavior, Andrea should be back to work by Monday or Tuesday, or whenever Travis gets sick of playing nurse-maid.

We'll try and keep you updated on the progress of Baby Bean, but don't expect any major announcents because gender is the least of our concerns and we are happy to wait until October to find out the sex.

That's our news for now.

Happy Spring,
Travis & Andrea