Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finding Balance

Yesterday was the first day of of my life? Yes. But that's not really what I'm pondering. I arrived at school with a short list of errands. I accomplished all three items in less than 30 minutes - sans Jonathon. A lesson to new parents; if you need to get something done, it goes quicker and everyone is happier when the children are warm and safe at home. Just saying - it's a blessing to spend time with our little cherubs and I never get tired of hearing how cute Jonathon is, but sometimes I forget about what I need.

On Sunday evening I attended a seminar for a service learning requirement. One of the topics we discussed was based on the book titled Your Money or Your Life. I'll be adding it to my reading list (despite the chaos of motherhood - I do find time to read)...
The professor noted that joy is found where passion meets the needs of the world. Thinking about this, I feel compelled to examine my life and what is necessary or desired.
Motherhood is the most rewarding job I've ever had, but honestly, it is in some sense, a job. For the majority of my adult life, I have been employed outside of the home. For the most part, I have enjoyed the positions I've held and the people I've worked with. This has been a blessing. In less than four months, I will realize a goal that I've had since I was a teen -- my college degree. That in and of itself is remarkable. I don't take it for granted. It was a matter of hard work and dedication. Keeping my eye on goal, even when the reward seemed impossible for financial, health or time/priority reasons. So - why am I so apprehensive? The obvious factors are...
  1. Jonathon - I love the time I get to spend with him and being there as he learns new things. I need balance between work and family life.
  2. Full time vs. part time or work from home?
  3. Where to place my focus? Human resources? Management? Public Relations? Communications? Marketing? Or, as a former supervisor recently predicted, the job that I'm looking for is so new, it doesn't yet have a name.
  4. My age - I didn't think about the fact that when I re-entered the job market I would be on the verge of 40 with a 16 month old.
  5. The proverbial "bar" - lets face it, I've had some pretty awesome supervisors and team members. Will I be so fortunate again?
So, I am spending these last few weeks weighing my options and researching careers. More than anything, I am trusting that God has something in store for me that is outside of my scope. My challenge is to find my passion(s), identify my relevant skills (excellent interpersonal and communication skill - written and oral, dedication, organizational skills and ability to work independently or with others) and get the word out that Andrea Weitgenant is not only a good choice for hire - but she has a lot to offer!!! (That's my pep talk to myself - but I wouldn't say it, if it wasn't true). ;o)

Wish me luck as I explore my options and set-off on my next journey. Perhaps my anxiety is merely overwhelming excitement for the opportunities coming my way.

God Bless.