Sunday, March 21, 2010

One of those "perfect" days...

Today was one of those "perfect" days. When life gets so chaotic that you need to be stopped in your tracks in order to take inventory, it's time to just breath and...exhale. For the past six months, I have been filling my plate full of life. Life itself is full, but I mean FILLING! Motherhood, being a wife, sister, daughter, friend, employee and student. In pieces it's not so bad, when various aspects start to overlap though??? Oye.

Last week one of those hats was removed. TeamDetroit (aka JWT - aka J. Walter Thompson) released me from their employment. After 8 years, it might have been time to go our seperate ways, but it was a bit of a shock and I'm still trying to figure out what I should do now. My primary concern is of course, Jonathon. Our beautiful blessing from above. He reminds me daily how important my job as a mother is. It's not just feeding, changing, rocking (when he'll let me) and doing the laundry - in fact, the time with Jonathon goes so quickly, that it's difficult to remember that I'm still growing a human being. Even though he's no longer growing inside me, I still have much to provide. Lest we not forget though, he teaches us as well. He teaches us that even though we have "responsibilities" outside of the home, we have an obligation to love, respect, support and encourage one another. So, even though I won't be leaving the house everyday for a job that I enjoyed, I will be rising to the most important role I will ever have. I relish it. I love it. And I will enjoy the opportunity that I have, until such a time that life dishes me a scoop of something else that I need to make room for. And I will, make room for it - somewhere alongside motherhood, wife, sister, friend, etc...


P.S. Our perfect day was spent as a family, enjoying each other's company and checking out Target Field. Go Twins!

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