Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 15th - Annual Christmas Letter

Ahhhhh. This is sound of my relief hours after completing the last two of three finals at UST. While I sit and enjoy a glass of wine, I’ll finally put to keyboard the thoughts that have been percolating in my head for the past several weeks – since the first Christmas song hit the air-waves early in November. Now that I am finally able to sit down to type it…huh, I can’t recall what it was. (Insert cracks about drinking wine and getting older here).

For a fleeting moment I considered that the holiday letter may be somewhat archaic. Maybe it would be kinder to the environment to email our updates with high quality photos or – a VIDEO! Sorry, folks. I’m not that person. Remembering the excitement I felt when Travis brought in the mail today and noticed the stack of holiday greetings from friends and family, I realized that this is a sign of the season that I’m not willing to alter or forego. (Even though its now Christmas Eve and the letters still haven't gone out!)

Jonathon is running around the family room playing with his Daddy and I am enjoying, yes a glass of wine, but also the sounds of laughter. Living life through Jonathon’s eyes has changed our lives. I won’t say parenting doesn’t have its challenges, but I won’t complain about them either. We couldn’t be happier with our brilliant and joyful son. He is so much like his father that I often wonder where I can be found in him. Travis is very sweet and chooses qualities like “smartness” (I’m not editing here), thinking things through and kindness. I would argue their source, but not their existence.

Moving things along…Travis is still working at Robert B. Hill Company, selling commercial water softeners and salt. The company had an unbelievable year and we are especially grateful for his employment, given that my position was eliminated in March. As much as I love the people I worked with and the incredible people at Ford and the Ford dealerships, I knew that God had plans for me (still trying to figure out what those plans are). Somehow the last nine months have flown by. We have been busy with home improvements and focused on Jonathon and school. In January I will begin my last course at St. Thomas, graduating with my undergrad after 7 years of studies. Officially, I will have my Bachelor of Arts degree with a Masters in Business Communications (I had to look that up). Now the search begins for employment.

Our year has been busy and full. Our memories have been captured in hundreds of photos and much laughter. We hope this past year has been memorable for you and the New Year brings good health and happiness.

Travis, Andrea & Jonathon


  • January: Started demolition on the basement and prepping for finishing work (still waiting on the finishing part)

  • February: Flying with Jonathon and my friend Helen to Arizona for some warm weather and visiting with family

  • March: Toured Target Field for the first time

  • April: Jonathon's first baseball game (unfortunately, we received a call from the peditrician on the way into the stadium and found out that Jonathon has peanut allergies - among many other things - it made for a paranoid outing for Mama)

  • May: Jonathon takes his first boat ride and Mommy & Daddy go to more outdoor baseball games

  • June: Parades. Jonathon loves them, so we went to several over the course of the next month

  • July: Annual trip to Nisswa where we enjoyed swimming and boating. Mommy, Jonathon and our good friend Helen also went to the Como Zoo

  • August: Family vacation for the Deuel side and Andrea's 20th reunion

  • September: Hope & Hearts run for Missing Grace and Jonathon's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

  • October: Jonathon's birthday bash - Travis to Green Bay and Andrea gets a weekend away

  • November: Jonathon loves the snow and we sure have plenty of that

  • December: Behold the blessings of the past year and look towards the New Year with hope and faith